BTB Consulting partners with progressive organization leaders to provide services that support your business objectives.

We focus on client needs, and prioritize the work that delivers the greatest value. 

BTB shapes and directs programs and PMOs to maximize the value and results of strategic initiatives. We are a small and nimble, so when needed, we tap into a network of experienced professionals to provide the most effective and efficient solutions tailored to the client. Our affiliates are selected based on proven skills and experience that can be applied directly to the priorities at hand. BTB is competitive with the bigger players because we bring many proven successes, and are skilled at working with all levels of the organization, and we don’t inflate our rates to develop unproven ‘green’ resources, or have to cover unnecessary overhead and bench time. That said, it's not uncommon for us to work with the big Management Consulting and Professional Services firms on larger engagements, and have worked closely with firms such as A.T. Kearney, Accenture, IBM, PwC and Wipro.


      Structured       Approach

Where do you begin when tackling a problem or a new initiative? Our framework brings organization to chaos. Our first step is to fully understand your challenge and objective. We dive into your concerns and drivers, and use our extensive experience to tackle underlying issues, not just the symptoms. We look for the risks and dependencies, and organize the efforts to achieve results.


  Organizational   Change

We've seen results compromised, not because the solution was wrong, but because it was not embraced by those affected by it. No matter the impact, we have deep experience using industry best practices to manage the organization successfully through the change. We've developed tools and integrated them into methodologies.


Continueous Improvement

BTB Consulting designs quality into all of our solutions. We’ve built comprehensive quality management plans and have stood up quality management practices. We also offer an independent lens to verify the services others are delivering meet or exceed the intended targets. We are sometimes pleased, but never satisfied.

When small tweaks aren't enough


If you've tried to address some of your challenges with point solutions and you're not getting the improvements needed, sometimes a major overhaul is in order.

After two acquisitions, our client was experiencing rapid growth, but was faltering on several fronts. They were operating much like the small startup they were a few years earlier, which resulted in individuals wearing many hats with overlaps and confusion abound. BTB helped to identify the underlying challenges, and provided practical solutions to align with a new operating model. This made the journey easier to understand for the organization, and more manageable for the team implementing the changes. With the support of leadership, a new organization design, governance model and defined roles and responsibilities were implemented to support the overall strategy of the business unit.




When data is overwhelming


How do you provide the best service possible to your customer when you don't know them?

Our client had collected copious amounts of customer data over the years from many different sources, but it wasn't organized in a logical way. The data was so fragmented that not only did their marketing team have difficulty knowing about their customers interests and needs or what messages they should be sending, in many cases they didn't even know who they were talking to. BTB Consulting led a program that consolidated and cleansed the data for suitable use in marketing campaigns. We worked with vendors from across the country, and around the world to build a new marketing platform.